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Dream big

Yorkshire Elegant Homes was founded in 2006 on a vision of highest quality workmanship and exceptional innovative style, serving Greater Toronto Area. Our philosophy has stayed the same throughout years of service: “We build every home as if it were our own”.

Specializing in building luxury homes, Yorkshire Elegant Homes is a collaboration of passionate and skillful industry people that focus on the pillars of exceptional design, building and management.

We incorporate all aspects of the overall build for the client, including interior design, landscape design and construction, on time and to budget.

We strive to form very close relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and understanding of what our aim is to achieve. It takes time and patience to build high quality homes and building strong relationships with the people we build for is just as important and necessary.

Insdustry Outlook

To build dream homes that exceed the expectations of our clients, we listen to understand what your requirements really are at every step of the design and building process. Our knowledge and experience allows us to understand your needs and vision.

We have been building luxury homes in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 10 years, applying our philosophy and belief as the foundation of all our projects. What makes Yorkshire Elegant Homes unique, is the dedicated attention to detail by our staff, at every stage of the construction process.

Our staff have a passion for architectural design and quality construction. It is on these raw foundations that we created Yorkshire Elegant Homes in 2006.

At Yorkshire Elegant Homes, we don’t just build homes, we create lifestyles.

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